Colonial America 1606-1822 1660-1760.
Marlborough, England : Adam Matthew Digital, [2015]-
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Marlborough, England : Adam Matthew Digital, [2015]-
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Includes material about the following organisations: Board of Trade, Privy Council, Admiralty, English/British Parliament, New York Assembly, Massachusetts General Court, Virginia House of Burgesses, Harvard University, College of William and Mary, British Army, British Navy, U.S. Army Rangers.
Includes material on the following topics: Acadians, agriculture, plantations, American Revolution, English Civil War, Glorious Revolution, religion, Protestants, Quakers, refugees, appointment to office, misconduct in office, aristocracy, boundaries, civic order, colonisation, commodities, food shortages, currency, exploration, finance, revenue, quitrents, government, crime, justice system, law, land grants, defence, military, engineering, fortification, minerals and mining, surveying, religion, Church of England, customs, import, export, ethnicity, relations with the French, relations with North American Indians, treatment of Indians, impressments, kidnapping, piracy, privateers, prizes, ships, immigrants, indentured servitude, slavery, settlement, town planning, women.
Includes material relating to the following people: James Abercrombie, Isaac Addington, John Addison, Samuel Allen, William Amherst, Thomas Amy, Edmund Andros, Edward Ashe, Maurice Ashley, Nathaniel Bacon, William Berkeley, John Berry, Martin Bladen, William Bladen, Joseph Blake, Nathaniel Blakiston, William Blathwayt, Orlando Bridgeman, Thomas Brooke, Thomas Broughton, James Brudenell, William Bull, William Burnet, William Byrd, Charles Calvert (3rd Baron Baltimore), John Campbell (4th Earl of Loudoun), John Carteret (2nd Earl Granville), George Clarke, William Cole, John Colleton, Anthony Ashley Cooper (1st Earl of Shaftesbury), Richard Coote (1st Earl of Bellomont), Lionel Copley, William Cosby, Edward Cranfield, William Craven (1st Earl of Craven), William Craven (2nd Earl of Craven), John Danson, Henry Denton, Paul Dominique, Thomas Dongan, Joseph Dudley, John Evans, Francis Fane, Thomas Fane (6th Earl of Westmorland), Daniel Finch (2nd Earl of Nottingham), Benjamin Fletcher, James Glen, James Graham, John Granville (1st Earl of Bath), Nicholas Greenberry, Charles Hart, Edward Hill, William Horton, Francis Howard (5th Baron Howard of Effingham), Robert Hunter, Eliakim Hutchinson, Elisha Hutchinson, Ralph Izard, Herbert Jeffreys, Edmund Jenings, Robert Johnson, Henry Jowles, William Keith, Thomas Lawrence, John Lear, Robert Livingston, Philip Ludwell, Joseph Lynde, Mary II of England, Robert Mason, Arthur Middleton, John Monson (1st Baron Monson), John Montgomerie, James Moore, Lewis Morris, Francis Morrison, John Nanfan, Francis Nicholson, James Oglethorpe, Thomas Pelham-Holles (1st Duke of Newcastle), William Penn, Abraham de Peyster, William Phips, William Pitt (1st Earl of Chatham), Richard Plumer, Alured Popple, William Popple, John Povey, Peter Sergeant, Samuel Sewall, Thomas Smith, Henry Somerset (2nd Duke of Beaufort), Alexander Spotswood, Samuel Staats, Andrew Stone, John Usher, William Vaughan.
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Electronic reproduction of a five-module resource containing all 1,450 files comprising the CO 5 class from the British Colonial Office. The CO 5 files cover the period 1606-1822, and consist of the original correspondence between the Board of Trade and Secretaries of State and the English, later British, colonies in North America and the Caribbean. Made up of letters, charters and commissions, instructions to officials, military documents (including war diaries), newspapers, printed pamphlets, public notices, maps and other material types, the materials shed light on all aspects of life in colonial America: political, economic, cultural and social.
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