Yehezkel Kaufmann and the reinvention of Jewish biblical scholarship /
Job Y. Jindo, Benjamin D. Sommer, Thomas Staubli (eds.)
Fribourg : Academic Press, [2017]
xvii, 376 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Fribourg : Academic Press, [2017]
Göttingen : Vandenhoeck et Ruprecht, [2017]
contents note
Key texts by Yehezkel Kaufmann (translated into English for the first time). A concise summary of the work Golah ve-nekhar (1936) / Yehezkel Kaufmann ; introduced, translated and annotated by Th. M. Krapf -- The general character of Israelite religion (1937) / Yehezkel Kaufmann ; translated by L. Levin -- Freud's book on Moses and the monotheistic faith (1940) / Yehezkel Kaufmann ; translated by B. Cahana and L. Kaplan ; with an introduction by L. Kaplan -- The secret of national creativity (1941) / Yehezkel Kaufmann ; translated by L. Levin -- List of Yehezkel Kaufmann's works in translation.
Yehezkel Koifman : an outline of his life and work / Thomas M. Krapf -- Yehezkel Kaufmann : the Bern years of a genius / Thomas Staubli ; translated by J. Riemer -- Personal views of Yehezkel Kaufmann / Moshe Greenberg (1991) ; translated by L. Levin -- Is Kaufmann's Toledot a "Jewish" project? : empirical research between naturalism and supernaturalism / Job Y. Jindo -- Yehezkel Kaufmann : observations about his major ideas in the past, almost present, and the immediate future / Ziony Zevit -- Yehezkel Kaufmann, R. Nachman Krochmal, and the "anxiety of influence" / Lawrence Kaplan -- Judaism and the Bible in the worldview of Yehezkel Kaufmann / Menahem Haran (1990) ; translated by L. Levin -- The rise, decline, and renewal of the biblical revolution / Israel Knohl -- The legacy of Yehezkel Kaufmann's commentaries to Joshua and Judges / Nili Wazana -- Kaufmann and recent scholarship : toward a richer discourse of monotheism / Benjamin D. Sommer -- First response / Adrian Schenker -- Second response / Othmar Keel -- Biblical research in Hebrew : a discussion of its character and trends / Menahem Haran (1970)
general note
"The idea of this volume was conceived at an international symposium held in Switzerland, from June 10 to 11, 2014, 'Yehezkel Kaufmann and the Reinvention of Jewish Exegesis of the Bible in Bern'. The symposium was organized by the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Fribourg in cooperation with the Institute for Jewish Studies at the Unviersity of Bern."--page xii.
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