Atmospheres of breathing /
edited by Lenart Škof and Petri Berndtson.
Albany, NY : SUNY Press, [2018]
xxvii, 297 pages ; 24 cm
143846973X, 9781438469737, 9781438469751
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Albany, NY : SUNY Press, [2018]
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Introduction / Lenart Skof and Petri Berdtson -- I. Philosophical Atomospheres of Breathing. Logos and psyche: a hermeneutics of breathing / David Michael Kleinberg-Levin -- The possibility of a new respiratory ontology / Petri Berndtson -- Breath as a way of self-affection:on new topologies of transcendence and self-transcendence / Lenart Skof -- Aesthetics of breathing: some reflections / Rolf Elberfeld -- II. Philosophical Traditions of Breathing. The breathing of the air: pre-Socratic echoes in Levinas / Silvia Benso -- Mindfulness of breathing in early Buddhism / Tamara Ditrich -- Inspiration and expiration : yoga practice through Merleau-Ponty's phenomenology of the body / James Morley -- The concept of Qi in Chinese philosophy : a vital force of cosmic and human breath / Jana S. Rosker -- Phenomenology of the wind and the possibility of preventive medicine : a discussion of Ki (wind) following Kaibara Ekiken (1630-1713) / Tadashi Ogawa -- III. Voices and Media of Breathing. "Thoughts, that breathe" / Kevin Hart -- Theater of breath : an Artaud-Derrida existential conflict / Jones Irwin -- The media of breathing / John Durham Peters -- IV. Breathful and Breathless Worlds. The politics of breathing : knowledge on air and respiration / Marijn Nieuwenhuis -- Breath as the hinge of dis-ease and healing / Drew Leder -- Invisible suffering : the experience of breathlessness / Havi Carel -- Feminist politics of breathing / Magdalena Górska -- Postface. The commonwealth of breath / David Abram.
"As a physiological or biological matter, breath is mostly considered to be mechanical and thoughtless. By expanding on the insights of many religions and therapeutic practices, which emphasize the cultivation of breath, the contributors argue that breath should be understood as fundamentally and comprehensively intertwined with human life and experience. Various dimensions of the respiratory world are referred to as "atmospheres" that encircle and connect human existence, coexistence, and the world. Drawing from a number of traditions of breathing, including from Indian and East Asian religion and philosophy, the book considers breath in relation to ontological, hermeneutical, phenomenological, ethical, and aesthetic concerns in philosophy. The wide-ranging topics include poetry, theater, environmental issues and health, feminism, and media studies."-- Back cover.
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