The JUBA Project: Early Blackface Minstrelsy in Britain 1842-1852
Toronto : University of Toronto Libraries, [2006-]
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Toronto : University of Toronto Libraries, [2006-]
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"This is part of a legacy project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the University of Toronto, among others, and created in 2006. Funding, and any active additions to this project, has now ended, though the entire database was recently revised and upgraded, thanks to the University of Toronto's Robarts Library, to accommodate the swiftly changing nature of on-line technology." -About, 2018.
Documents in this database are predominantly nineteenth century daily and weekly British journals, and all such entries are linked to one or more of the database entries: Event, Individual, Troupe, Venue, and Documentation. Wherever possible, imagery for documents to database entries has been attached. The database began by compiling information on William Henry Lane, known as 'Master Juba' or 'Boz's Juba.' and the Ethiopian Serenaders, including Gilbert W. Pell the clown and 'bones' player, and Thomas F. Briggs, one of the earliest practitioners and promoters of the banjo.
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