Prehistoric games of North American Indians : Subarctic to Mesoamerica /
edited by Barbara Voorhies.
Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2017]
xvi, 369 pages : illlustrations, maps ; 27 cm
1607815591, 9781607815594
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Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2017]
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Why waltes was a woman's game / Kevin Leonard -- Playing the Apalachee ballgame in the fields of the thunder god : archaeological and ideological evidence for its antiquity / J. Grant Stauffer and F. Kent Reilly III -- "He must die unless the whole country shall play crosse" : the role of gaming in Great Lakes indigenous societies / Ronald F. Williamson and Martin S. Cooper -- Chunkey and the historic experience in the Mississippian world / Thomas J. Zych -- The sacred role of dice games in eastern North America : implications for the protohistoric lower Mississippi Valley / David H. Dye -- Reinventing the wheel game : prestige gambling on the Plains/Plateau frontier / Gabriel M. Yanicki -- Gaming in Fremont society / Joel C. Janetski -- Mobility, exchange, and the fluency of games : promontory in a broader sociodemographic setting / Gabriel M. Yanicki and John W. Ives -- Social aspects of an Apachean stave-dice gaming feature at Three Sisters / Deni J. Seymour -- Serious play in the preclassic : the Chalcatzingo figurines as guides in a game of social learning / Mark E. Harlan -- Ancient Maya patolli / John Walden and Barbara Voorhies -- Sport and ritual as social bonding : the communal nature of Mesoamerican ballgames / Marijke Maurine Stoll and David S. Anderson -- Acrobatic dances and games of Mesoamerica as ritual-entertainment / Gerardo GuitiƩrrez -- Aztec gambling and magical thinking / Susan T. Evans -- The biggest losers : gambling and enslavement in Native North America / Catherine M. Cameron and Lindsay D. Johansson -- Post-game remarks / Warren R. DeBoer.
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