The law of work /
David J. Doorey.
Complete edition.
Toronto, Canada : Emond Montgomery Publishing, 2017.
xv, 719, GL:1-14, IN:1-9 : colour illustrations ; 26 cm
9781772552966 (softcover)
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Toronto, Canada : Emond Montgomery Publishing, 2017.
9781772552966 (softcover)
contents note
Part 1. The law of work : themes, frameworks, and perspectives -- Canadian work law in a nutshell -- The law of what? Employment, self-employment, and everything in between -- A framework for analyzing the law of work -- Key perspectives that shape the law of work -- Part 2. The common law regime -- A brief history of the common law model of employment -- The job recruitment and hiring process -- The requirements of an employment contract -- Expressed and ancillary employment contract terms -- Implied employment contract terms -- Modifying employment contracts -- Termination by agreement of the parties -- Termination by "frustration" -- Termination by an employer with "reasonable notice" -- Summary dismissal : termination for cause without notice -- "You forced me to quit!" : the special case of constructive dismissal -- Damages in wrongful dismissal lawsuits -- "I quit!" : termination of the employment contract by the employee -- Tort law and the employment relationship -- Part 3. The regulatory regime -- Mapping labour market regulation -- The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and regulatory standards -- Regulating wages and pay equity -- Regulating working time -- Regulating the end of employment contracts -- Regulating worker safety and injuries -- Mapping human rights at work -- Putting human rights law to work -- What are the prohibited grounds of discrimination? -- The bona fide occupational requirement and other discrimination defences -- The duty to accommodate -- Regulating unemployment -- The right to work : immigration and mobility law -- Intellectual property law and work -- Privacy law at work -- Pensions, insolvencies, bankruptcies, and the worker -- International law, trade law, and globalization -- Part 4. Industrial relations and the collective bargaining regime -- Mapping the collective bargaining regime -- A brief history of labour and the law -- Why do workers join unions, and what effects do unions have on business? -- The unionization process -- Unfair labour practices and the right to organize -- Collective bargaining and the making of a collective agreement -- The law of industrial conflict -- The collective agreement -- Grievances and labour arbitration process -- What is "just cause" for discipline and dismissal of unionized employees? -- The regulation of unions : legal status, the duty of fair representation, and decertification -- Public sector labour relations -- The Charter and the collective bargaining regime.
general note
Expanded edition of The law of work : common law and the regulation of work by David J. Doorey, 2016.
"This is the first text to offer a comprehensive overview of all aspects of work law in Canada for a non-law audience. It explores all three work law regimes--common law, regulation, and collective bargaining--in a user-friendly manner, using numerous short, focused chapters."--
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