From clinic to concentration camp [electronic resource] : reassessing Nazi medical and racial research, 1933-1945 /
edited by Paul Weindling.
London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.
xiv, 376 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
1472484614 (hardback : alkaline paper), 9781315583310 (ebook), 9781472484611 (hardback : alkaline paper)
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London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.
1472484614 (hardback : alkaline paper)
9781315583310 (ebook)
9781472484611 (hardback : alkaline paper)
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Part One: Contexts -- 1. Introduction: A New Historiography of the Nazi Medical Experiments and Coerced Research / Paul Weindling -- 2. The use and abuse of medical research ethics : The German Richtlinien : guidelines for human subject research as an instrument for the protection of research subjects and of medical science, ca. 1931-1961/64 / Volker Roelcke -- 3. The Society of German Neurologists and Psychiatrists and Research in the Context of Eugenics and "Euthanasia" / Hans-Walter Schmuhl -- Part Two: Clinics and the Sciences -- 4. Research on the Boundary between Life and Death : Coercive Experiments on Pregnant Women and their Foetuses during National Socialism / Gabriele Czarnowski and Sabine Hildebrandt -- 5. August Hirt and the supply of corpses at the Anatomical Institute of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg (1941-1944) / Raphael Toledano -- 6. Nazi Anthropology and the Taking of Face Masks : Face and Death Masks in the Anthropological Collection of the Natural History Museum, Vienna / Margit Berner -- 7. Beyond Spiegelgrund and Berkatit : Human Experimentation and Coerced Research at the Vienna School of Medicine, 1939 to 1945 / Herwig Czech -- 8. Murdering the Sick in the Name of Progress? : The Heidelberg Psychiatrist Cart Schneider as a Brain Researcher and "Therapeutic Idealist" / Maike Rotzoll and Gerrit Hohendorf -- 9. Der Kinderfachabteilung vorzuschlagen : The selection and elimination of children at the Youth Psychiatric Clinic Loben (1941-1945) / Kamila Uzarczyk -- Part Three: Concentration Camps -- 10. Children as Victims of Medical Experiments in Concentration Camps / Astrid Ley -- 11. The story of how the Ravensbrück "Rabbits" were captured in photos / Aleksandra Loewenau -- 12. Rascher and the "Russians" : Human Experimentation on Soviet Prisoners in Dachau : A New Perspective / Nichola Farron -- 13. Heissmeyer's forgotten victims : Tuberculosis experiments on adults in Neuengamme, 1944-1945 / Anna von Villiez -- Part Four: Legacies -- 14. From Witness to Indictee : Eugen Haagen and his Court Hearings from the Nuremberg Medical Trial (1946-47) to the Struthof Medical Trials (1952-1954) / Christian Bonah and Florian Schmaltz -- 15. Informed Testimonies : Physicians' Accounts of Nazi Medical Experiments in the Context of Early Czechoslovak War Crimes Investigations, 1945-1948 / Michal V. Simunek -- 16. Post-war Legacies, 1945-2015 : Victims, Bodies, and Brain Tissues / Paul Weindling.
"Representing a new wave of research and analysis on Nazi human experiments and coerced research, the essays in this volume deliberately break with a top-down history limited to concentration camp experiments under the control of Himmler and the SS. Instead the collection positions extreme experiments (where research subjects were taken to the point of death) within a far wider spectrum of abusive coerced research. The book considers the experiments not in isolation but as integrated within wider aspects of medical provision as it became caught up in the Nazi war economy, revealing that researchers were opportunistic and retained considerable autonomy"--Provided by publisher.
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