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Archaeozoology of the Near East 9 : in honour of Hans-Peter Uerpmann and François Poplin /
edited by Marjan Mashkour and Mark Beech.
Oxford ; Philadelphia : Oxbow Books, 2017.
2 volumes (continuous pagination) : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 31 cm
1782978445 (hardback), 9781782948459 (digital edition), 9781782978442 (hardback)
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Oxford ; Philadelphia : Oxbow Books, 2017.
1782978445 (hardback)
9781782948459 (digital edition)
9781782978442 (hardback)
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Volume 1. Part 1. Palaeolithic and Neolithic subsistence in northern Mesopotamia, Anatolia and the Iranian Plateau. 1. Small game and the shifting subsistence patterns from the Upper Paleolithic to the Natufian at Baaz Rockshelter, Syria / Hannes Napierala, Andrew W. Kandel and Nicholas J. Conard ; 2. Instability and co-development of the exploitation of early domestic sheep and goats : the example of Shillourokambos (Cyprus, Pre-Pottery Neolithic, 10,400-9,000 cal BP) / Jean-Denis Vigne, Isabelle Carrère and Jean Guilaine ; 3. The fauna of Tell Aswad (Damascus, Syria), early Neolithic levels. Comparison with northern and southern Levant sites / Daniel Helmer and Lionel Gourichon ; 4. Faunal remains from the Middle Neolithic site of Qaleh Rostam / Julie Daujat and Marjan Mashkour ; 5. Digesting the data : dogs as taphonomic agents at Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Turkey / Nerissa Russell and Katheryn C. Twiss -- Part 2. Caucasian zooarchaeology. 6. Carnivora mammals of the Holocene in Armenia / Nina Manaseryan ; 7. The Upper Palaeolithic fauna from Kalavan 1 (Armenia): preliminary results / Adrian Bălăşescu, Cyril Montoya, Boris Gasparyan, Jérémie Liagre and Christine Chataigner ; 8. Neolithic subsistence economy in the plain of Ararat : preliminary comparative analysis of the faunal remains from Aratashen and Khaturnarkh-Aknashen (Armenia) / Emmanuelle Vila, Adrian Bălăşescu, Valentin Radu, Ruben Badalyan and Christine Chataigner ; 9. Animal bones from Aramus, Armenia, excavation 2004 / Hans Christian Küchelmann, Nina Manaseryan and Lilit Mirzoyan ; 10. Analysis of Urartian bone remains from Erebuni, Armenia (2003-2007 excavations) : possible use of bones for the manufacture of paint / Lilit Mirzoyan and Nina Manaseryan -- Part 3. Examples of animal exploitation in urban sites during the Bronze Age. 11. Animal exploitation from the Bronze Age to the early Islamic period in Haftavan Tepe (western Azerbaijan-Iran) / Fatemeh Azadeh Mohaseb and Marjan Mashkour ; 12. Animal exploitation in the Upper Tigris River Valley during the Middle Bronze Age : a first assessment from Hirbemerdon Tepe / Rémi Berthon ; 13. Animal exploitation at Tell Bderi (Syria) during the early Bronze period / Lubna Omar ; 14. Exploitation of fauna at Ras Shamra : case study of the 'Maison aux Albâtres', late Bronze Age, northern Levant / Jwana Chahoud and Emmanuelle Vila ; 15. How large a sheep, how big a sample? / Laszlo Bartosiewicz ; 16. New thoughts on the role of the Middle Khabur (Syria) in the urbanisation of northern Mesopotamia in the early Bronze Age / Scott J. Rufolo.
Volume 2. Part 4. Pastoralism, nomadism and mobility. 17. Fish and mammal bones in the Abu Dhabi desert : evidence for Bedouin diet during the pre-oil era / Mark J. Beech, Hanae Sasaki, Tatsuo Sasaki, Walid Yasin Al-Tikriti and Mohammed Amer Al-Neyadi ; 18. Nomads, horses and mobility : an assessment of geographic origins of Iron Age horses found at Tsengel Khairkhan and Baga Turgen Gol (Mongolian Altai) based on oxygen isotope compositions of tooth enamel / Robin Bendrey, Sébastien Lepetz, Antoine Zazzo, Marie Balasse, Tsagaan Turbat, Pierre Henri Giscard, Dominic Vella, Ganna I. Zaitseva, Konstantin V. Chugunov, Joël Ughetto, Karyne Debue and Jean-Denis Vigne ; 19. Zooarchaeological evidence for pastoralism in the early Transcaucasian culture / Jennifer J. Piro and Pam J. Crabtree -- Part 5. Exploitation of animals in the Arabian Peninsula. 20. New data on domestic and wild camels (Camelus dromedarius and Camelus sp.) in Sabaean and Minaean Yemen / F.G. Fedele ; 21. The Iron Age site of Muweilah (Sharjah, UAE) and the problems of dromedary domestication / Margarethe Uerpmann and Hans-Peter Uerpmann ; 22. Fish exploitation at Qal'at Al-Bahrain from the early Dilmun period (3rd millennium BC) to the middle Islamic period (13[th]-16th centuries AD): preliminary results / Justine Vorenger ; 23. Evidence for deep-sea fishing and cultural identity during the Neolithic period at Akab Island, Umm al-Qaiwain, United Arab Emirates / Mark J. Beech, Vincent Charpentier and Sophie Méry -- Part 6. Rituals and animal deposits. 24. Elite equids. 2, Seeing the dead / Jill A. Weber ; 25. An unusual cattle burial at Dayr al-Barshā (Late period, Middle Egypt) / Veerle Linseele, Wim Van Neer, Harco Willems and Bart Vanthuyne ; 26. The Opet Temple courtyard excavations : a new zooarchaeological study for Karnak (Luxor, Egypt) / Hervé Monchot and Guillaume Charloux ; 27. More animal burials from the Predynastic elite cemetery of Hierakonpolis (Upper Egypt): the 2008 season / Wim Van Neer, Veerle Linseele and Renée Friedman -- Part 7. Animal exploitation during antiquity. 28. Animal exploitation during the Classical/Hellenistic period at Tepe Düzen (SW Turkey): preliminary results / Bea De Cupere, Wim Van Neer, Kim Vyncke and Hannelore Vanhaverbeke ; 29. Une accumulation d'équidés à Berytus : approche taxinomique et taphonomique / Yasha Hourani and Tarek Oueslati ; 30. The animal bone remains from Mar Nicola, a Byzantine-Islamic site at Beit Jala, Palestine / Mohammad Al-Zawahra ; 31. Faunal analysis of the Castle of Aqaba (Jordan): preliminary results / Bea De Cupere, Anton Ervynck, Mircea Udrescu, Wim Van Neer and Wim Wouters.
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"International Council of Archaeozoology (ICAZ) : proceedings of the 9th Conference of the ASWA (AA) Working Group : Archaeozoology of Southwest Asia and Adjacent Areas - Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates."
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