ProQuest U.K. Parliamentary Papers [electronic resource].
Cambridge [eng] : ProQuest LLC, 1803.
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Cambridge [eng] : ProQuest LLC, 1803.
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The full text from Hansard, the Official Report of debates in Parliament, from both the House of Commons and House of Lords, is included from 1803 to 2005. The publicly available XML files created by the Hansard Digitisation Project (led by the Directorate of Information Services of the House of Commons and the Library of the House of Lords) are the source for this material. Cobbett's Parliamentary Debates, beginning in 1803, is now regarded as the first series of the Official Report and is thus where the digital Hansard begins. In 1812 Cobbett sold his contract to Thomas Curson Hansard, who published the debates under the title The Parliamentary Debates. From 1889 the Hansard name was added to the title page. In 1909, following the recommendations of a Select Committee report, the House of Commons took over responsibility for publishing what thus became the Official Report, although still commonly known as Hansard.
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