Radicalism and dissent in the world of Protestant reform /
edited by Bridget Heal and Anorthe Kremers.
Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2017.
273 pages : colour illustrations ; 23 cm
3525552580, 9783525552582
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Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2017.
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Introduction / Bridget Heal -- Martin Luther's unruly offspring: The Protestant Reformation and radical critique / Hartmut Lehmann -- Radical political thought in the Reformation era / Thomas Kaufmann -- Radicalism and 'invectivity': 'Hate Speech' in the German Reformation / Gerd Schwerhoff -- The power of names: radical identities in the Reformation era / Kat Hill -- Radical charity in the English Reformation / Ethan Shagan -- Religious radicalism in 'magisterial' England / Susan Royal -- Scripture, the spirit and the meaning of radicalism in the English Revolution / Alec Ryrie -- The drama of the two-word debate among liberal Dutch Mennonites, c. 1620-1660: preparing the way for Baruch Spinoza? / Gary K. Waite -- Against 'the radical Reformation': on the continuity between early modern heresy-making and modern historiography / Michael Driedger -- Dutch Anabaptist and Reformed historiographers on Servetus' death: Or how the radical reformation turned mainstream and how the mainstream reformation turned radical / Mirjam van Veen -- 'Radical' history writing in 1650s England: the case of John Beale / Dmitri Levitin -- 'The last and greatest triumph of the European radical reformation'? Anabaptism, spiritualism, and anti-trinitarianism in the English revolution / John Coffey -- From English Trembleurs to French Inspirés: a transnational perspective on the origins of French Quakerism (1654-1789) / Ulrike Gleixner -- The radical reformation and the Black Atlantic / Jon Sensbach.
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