Nuclear portraits : communities, the environment, and public policy /
edited by Laurel Sefton MacDowell.
Toronto ; Buffalo ; London : University of Toronto Press, [2017]
xiii, 313 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781442626294 (paper), 9781442648616 (cloth)
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Toronto ; Buffalo ; London : University of Toronto Press, [2017]
9781442626294 (paper)
9781442648616 (cloth)
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Introduction -- 1. Keep it Secret: The Environmental Effects of Nuclear Armament in the Soviet Union and the United States / Tuomas Räsänen -- 2. The Face of the Earth, the Shadow of the Bomb: Nuclear War and the First International Environmental Conference, "Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth," Princeton NJ, 1955 / Fred Waage -- 3. Experts at Risk: Military Secrets and Italian Radioecology around the U.S. Navy Nuclear Installation of La Maddalena / Davide Orsini -- 4. The Calvert Cliffs Campaign, 1967-1971: Protecting the Public’s Right to Knowledge / Andrew Ramey -- 5. From Pripyat to Paris, from Grassroots Memories to Globalized Knowledge Production: The Politics of Chernobyl Fallout / Susanne Bauer, Karena Kalmbach, Tatiana Kasperski -- 6. Permanence, Justice, and Nuclear Waste at Prairie Island / James W. Feldman -- 7. Nuclear Waste Management and Nuclear Power: A Tale of Two Essential United States Department of Energy Sites in Idaho and New Mexico / Michael Greenberg, Henry Mayer, Charles Powers and David Kosson -- 8. Port Hope Burning: The Trail of Eldorado, the Uranium Medical Research Centre, and Community Tension over Scientific Uncertainty / Marissa Zappora Bell and David Eljiah Bell -- 9. "Nuclear Gypsies" in Fukushima Before and After 3/11 / Paul Jobin.
"In the twenty-first century, nuclear energy has become a hotly contested issue. In the face of climate change, and the search for alternative forms of energy, nuclear power continues to affect the lives of communities around the world. In Nuclear Portraits, scholars from Europe, North America, and Asia demonstrate the complexity, controversy, contradictions, and dangers that surround many aspects of the nuclear industry. The resulting local, regional, national, and international concerns that arise, such as the disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima, call into question the optimism espoused by the nuclear industry. We live in a world with more nuclear nations than ever before and energy policy is central to the mounting global concern about climate change. The innovative essays found in Nuclear Portraits will open your eyes to the realities of nuclear energy, thereby allowing you to decide for yourself whose side you are on."--
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