Waterproofing New York /
edited by Denise Hoffman Brandt and Catherine Seavitt Nordenson.
New York : Terreform, Inc., 2015
188 pages : color illustrations, color maps, color charts, color plans ; 28 cm
0996004122, 9780996004121
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New York : Terreform, Inc., 2015
contents note
Foreword / Denise Hoffman Brandt and Catherine Seavitt Nordenson -- Everyday infrastructure / Nette Compton -- Dark matter / Kate Orff -- Slag islands : undigested aquatic histories / Lydia Kallipoliti -- Thoughts on the Hurricane Sandy travel disruption / Janette Sadik-Khan -- The bike : safe, sexy, social--and resilient? / Sandra Richter -- Gray Matters / Denise Hoffman Brandt -- Better boroughs, resilient regions / Georgeen Theodore -- Powering the region : lessons from Los Angeles / Frank Ruchala Jr. -- A tale of two substations / Byron Stigge -- Navigating the waters / Signe Nielsen -- Guerrilla resilience / Jeffrey Hou -- Urban stewardship as a catalyst for recovery and change / Erika S. Svendsen, Lindsay K. Campbell, Nancy F. Sonti, and Gillian Baine -- Forex / Catherine Seavitt Nordenson -- On gear and range / Gullivar Shepard -- Treat or re-(treat) : to retreat of adapt, is that the question? / Lance Jay Brown -- Reframing retreat into resilient restoration / Judd M. Schechtman -- What now New York city... / Thaddeus Pawlowski -- Forces, structures, and floating / Hilary Sample -- Missing scales / Deborah Gans -- 28+ / Michael Sorkin Studio -- Afterword / Michael Sorkin
general note
"This volume of UR was launched with a conference series, Waterproofing New York, planned by the Landscape Architecture Program of the City College of New York's Spitzer School of Architecture in the months immediately following Hurricane Sandy's landfall in October 2012" -- Foreword (page 6).
"UR02: Waterproofing New York gathers some of the most influential and thought provoking municipal leaders, engineers, social scientists, and designers to explore the impact of past and future storms on New York City's infrastructural systems: water/waste. power/data, circulation/fuel, parks/recreation, and shelter. The essays and projects collected here use these urban operating systems to open speculation on the possibilities not simply for waterproofing the city but for thinking beyond it to seek wider means of coordinated yet opportunistic, pragmatic and inventive, city design. Waterproofing New York is intended to support an emerging skepticism of a singular "big fix," as well as the unplanned, uncoordinated, shoring up of individual enterprises and discrete sites that will ensue in the absence of design and civic leadership" -- Cover.
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