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War Cabinet, Ministry of Defence and Cabinet Office: Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee, later Committee: Secretariat: Minutes (JIC(SEC)). Secretariat Minutes (1945) 515-935.
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Date document(s) were released to the public domain: 1999.
Document cover date: 19 April 1945 to 6 July 1945.
Part of a digital collection titled "Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War: Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy" created from unpublished documents in the United Kingdom's National Archives. The primary source materials were digitized in full colour by the Taylor & Francis Group (Abingdon, England, 2015-16).
A volume of secretariat minutes of the Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee (JIC). The JIC was formed of representatives from the intelligence services, the armed services, and the Foreign Office. Its purpose was to assess military, security, and foreign policy requirements and coordinate Britain's intelligence organisations accordingly. Secretariat minutes were used to pass documents such as JIC sub-committee and working party reports and intelligence assessments to JIC members. Subjects covered in this file include the future of the Special Operations Executive (SOE); the capture and exploitation of German archives and scientists; post-war aerial photography requirements; relations with the Soviet Union; the disposal of unfinished rockets and weapons production facilities in Germany; plans for the publication in France of British operations in support of the French resistance; post-war security of Allied deception operations in wartime; the need for speakers of East Asian languages; and measures to prevent the emergence of another “stab in the back” myth in post-war Germany.
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