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Joint Intelligence Committee: administration, structure, and functions of the committee; papers relating to the transmission of intelligence reports.
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Date document(s) were released to the public domain: 2000.
Document cover date: 24 February 1948 to 5 July 1957.
Part of a digital collection titled "Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War: Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy" created from unpublished documents in the United Kingdom's National Archives. The primary source materials were digitized in full colour by the Taylor & Francis Group (Abingdon, England, 2015-16).
A file of Cabinet Office reports, correspondence, and memoranda concerning the organisation of British intelligence. Items in the file include revised charters for the Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee (JIC); complete lists of previous directors of naval and air intelligence; and plans for intelligence mobilisation, covering subjects such as responsibilities for the provision of different types of intelligence, the circulation of intelligence papers, and the security implications of opening department records after 50 years. The file also contains two reports on the history of the JIC from its inception in 1936 up to 1955, including summaries of the various areas of intelligence over which the JIC had responsibility; arrangements for information sharing with the United States of America, the Commonwealth, and NATO; and numerous charts illustrating British intelligence organisation, along with handwritten notes made in preparation for these reports.
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