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Evill Report: Papers on Sir Douglas Evill's Review of the Intelligence Organisations in 1947; Report and the Implementation of his Recommendations.
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Date document(s) were released to the public domain: 2000.
Document cover date: 6 June 1947 to 4 July 1949.
Part of a digital collection titled "Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War: Intelligence, Strategy and Diplomacy" created from unpublished documents in the United Kingdom's National Archives. The primary source materials were digitized in full colour by the Taylor & Francis Group (Abingdon, England, 2015-16).
This file contains the Evill Report and related correspondence and papers. In 1947, Sir Douglas Evill was commissioned to review British intelligence organisation, and produced this report on his findings in November of that year. Sir Douglas highlighted the inadequacies of the present intelligence organisation, focussing especially on the need for better scientific and technical intelligence and more political and military intelligence on the Soviet Union. His report makes a number of recommendations which were adopted by British intelligence over the following months, such as the creation of a new Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee (JIC) charter; the clarification of the role of the JIC chairman; and the expansion and reorganisation of the Joint Scientific Intelligence Committee. The report also includes diagrams of the British intelligence structure, a table of recommended changes, and an analysis of American intelligence organisation for comparison.
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