Nannies, migration and early childhood education and care : an international comparison of in-home childcare policy and practice /
Elizabeth Adamson.
Bristol ; Chicago, IL : Policy Press, 2017.
v, 200 pages ; 24 cm
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Bristol ; Chicago, IL : Policy Press, 2017.
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Converging ideas and policy tensionsSituating tensions within a broader social investment context; 5. Intersecting inequalities ; Restructuring of inequalities; Families versus care workers; 6. Cultures of in-home childcare ; Concept of care culture; Inequalities and policy debates; Cultures of inequality?; Conclusion ; What has changed?; Why has in-home childcare changed?; Implications for families and care workers; Policy lessons; Why do changes to in-home childcare matter for comparative social policy?; References; Index
NANNIES, MIGRATION AND EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE; Contents; List of tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Definition and scope; Why is in-home childcare important?; Trends in maternal employment and ECEC usage; Policy snapshot; Empirical approach; Book structure and chapter outline; Part One. Conceptual and historical analysis of in-home childcare; 1. Restructuring care: concepts and classifications; Rise in non-standard employment; Conceptualising care, redistributing responsibilities ; Markets, regulation and migration
Rationales for restructuring: the shift to 'social investment' Ideals of care; 2. Restructuring care: comparative policy developments; Australia; United Kingdom; Canada; Restructuring support for ECEC: a new direction?; 3. Policy structures in Australia, the UK and Canada; Overview of current ECEC systems; Country summary; Intersecting policies for in-home childcare; Contrasts and commonalities; Part Two. Policy intersections and inequalities; 4. Rhetoric and rationales for in-home childcare; The social investment approach; Rhetoric of in-home childcare: rationales for investment
This book presents new empirical research about in-home child care in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada, three countries where governments are pursuing new ways to support the recruitment of in-home childcare workers through funding, regulation and migration.
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