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Lives of Fort de Chartres : commandants, soldiers, and civilians in French Illinois, 1720-1770 /
David MacDonald.
Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, [2016]
xv, 262 p. ; ill. : 23 cm.
0809334607, 9780809334605, 9780809334612
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series title
series title
Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, [2016]
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Part I. French Illinois -- The land -- The native peoples -- The settlers -- The slaves -- The French settlements -- The administration: military and civilian -- The four Forts de Chartres -- The convoys -- The end of French Illinois -- Part II. Commandants of Fort de Chartres -- First commandment: Pierre-Sidrac Dugué de Boisbriand (1718-24) -- Second and fifth commandant: Claude-Charles Dutisné (1724-25, 1729-30) -- Third commandant: Jean-Charles de Pradel (interim 1725) -- Fourth commandant: Pierre-Charles Desliette (1725-29) -- Sixth commandant: Robert Groston de St. Ange (1730-33) -- Seventh commandant: Pierre d'Artaguiette d'Itouralde (1733-36) -- Eighth commandant: Alphonse de la Buissonnière (1736-40) -- Ninth and eleventh commandant: Jean-Baptiste Benoist de St. Clair (1740-42, 1749-51) -- Tenth commandant: Jean-Gaspard de Bertet de la Clue (1742-49) -- Twelfth commandant: Jean-Jacques de Macarty Mactique (1751-60) -- Thirteenth commandant: Pierre-Joseph Neyon de Villiers (1760-63) -- Fourteenth and last French commandant: Louis Groston de St. Ange de Bellerive (1764-65) -- Part III. People of Fort de Chartres -- Marie Rouensa: the mother of French Illinois -- Étienne de Véniard de Bourgmont and Ignon Ouaconisen (Françoise Missouri): an Indian in Paris -- Terrisse de Ternan: a restless and worrisome personality -- Claude Chetivau: the man who wanted to go to Canada -- (François- ) Pierre Boucher de Boucherville: escape to Fort de Chartres -- Alphonse de la Buissonnière and Marie Thérèse Trudeau: marriage woes -- Jacques-Sernan Voisin: a hero of the Chickasaw wars? -- Jean Ducoutray: the chicken thief of Kaskaskia -- Jean-Bernard Bossu: officer and travel writer -- Philippe-François de Rastel de Rocheblave: a man of many flags.
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