Minimally invasive dental implant surgery /
edited by Daniel R. Cullum, Douglas Deporter.
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley and Sons, Inc., [2016]
xii, 452 p. : color ill. ; 29 cm.
9780813814520 (cloth)
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Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley and Sons, Inc., [2016]
9780813814520 (cloth)
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Diagnosis and treatment planning for minimally invasive dental implant treatment / Jean-Francois Bedard and Daniel R. Cullum -- Diagnostic imaging for patient evaluation and minimally invasive treatment planning / Scott D. Ganz -- Risk assessment and avoiding complications / David Dara Yarmand, Douglas Deporter, and Daniel R. Cullum -- The provisional restoration : a diagnostic, functional, and esthetic template / Aldo Leopardi and Daniel R. Cullum -- Extraction site management for ridge preservation and implant site development / Barry Bartee and Daniel R. Cullum -- Engineering biologic width and tissue levels with implant and abutment surface preparation / Myron Nevins, Cary A. Shapoff, Khalid Al Hezaimi, and David M. Kim -- rhBMP-2 or rhPDGF-BB in extraction site preservation and bone augmentation / Craig M. Misch, Marc L. Nevins, and Jason A. Boch -- Periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue surgery / Giles Horrocks, Christine Cole, and Daniel R. Cullum -- Minimally invasive implant surgery using computer guided technology / Gary Orentlicher, Andrew Horowitz, and Marcus Abboud --
Short implants / Douglas Deporter -- Narrow implants / Joerg Neugebauer, Douglas Deporter, and Daniel R. Cullum -- Minimally invasive complete arch treatment : the versatility of angled implants / Ole T. Jensen and Daniel R. Cullum -- Wedge implants and piezoelectric surgery : a minimally invasive implant concept for the treatment of narrow alveolar ridges / Tomaso Vercellotti and Claudio Stacchi -- Single-stage implant placement and simultaneous grafting "The esthetic contour graft" / Bach T. Le and Sze Wing Cynthia Au Yeung -- Trans-alveolar sinus elevation (TASE), contiguous sinus floor elevation (CSFE) and short implants / Daniel R. Cullum and Douglas Deporter -- Ridge expansion / Daniel R. Cullum -- Ridge expansion combined with trans-alveolar sinus elevation / Daniel R. Cullum -- Immediate implant placement for single- and multi-rooted teeth / Daniel R. Cullum and Douglas Deporter -- Immediate esthetic zone tooth replacement / Daniel R. Cullum and Howard Park -- Skeletal anchorage and orthodontics in implant site development / Michael P. Chaffee and Daniel R. Cullum -- Minimally invasive comprehensive treatment : case studies / Daniel R. Cullum and Earl Ness.
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