Marine biomedicine : from beach to bedside /
edited by Bill J. Baker.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, [2016]
xviii, 594 p. ; 26 cm
146658212X, 9781466582125
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Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, [2016]
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Accessing chemical diversity through metagenomics / Leah C. Blasiak and Russell T. Hill -- Chemical characterization of marine organisms using a metabolomics approach / Kashif Ali, Robert Verpoorte, Erica G. Wilson and Young Hae Choi -- Biosynthetic approaches to marine drug discovery and development / Eric W. Schmidt -- Dereplication of natural products using databases / Hartmut Laatsch -- Logistic considerations to deliver natural product libraries for high throughput screening / Ngoc B. Pham, Stephen Toms, David Camp and Ronald J. Quinn -- Screening marine microbial libraries / Jacqueline L. von Salm, Christopher G. Witowski, Danielle H. Demers, Ryan M. Young, Laurent Calcul and Bill J. Baker -- Screening strategies for drug discovery and target identification / Fatma H. Al-Awadhi, Lilibeth A. Salvador and Hendrik Luesch -- Anti-infective agents from marine sources / Cedric Pearce -- Screening for antiparasitic marine natural products / Ryan M. Young and Eva-Rachele Pesce -- Central nervous system modulators from the oceans / Kh Tanvir Ahmed, Neil Lax and Kevin Tidgewell -- Marine organisms in cancer chemoprevention / Eun-Jung Park, Anam Shaikh, Brian T. Murphy and John M. Pezzuto -- Off the beaten path : natural products from extreme environments / Samantha M. Gromek, Ashley M. West and Marcy J. Balunas -- Bioprospecting fungi and the labyrinthulomycetes at the ocean-land interface / Ka-Lai Pang, Clement K.M. Tsui, E.B. Gareth Jones and Lilian L.P. Vrijmoed -- Medicinal chemistry and lead optimization of marine natural products / Jim W. Leahy -- The travails of clinical trials with marine-sourced compounds / David J. Newman and Gordon M. Cragg -- Conopeptides, marine natural products from venoms: biomedical applications and future research applications / Baldomero M. Olivera, Helena Safavi-Hemami, Martin P. Horvath, and Russell W. Teichert -- The development and commercialization of a fully synthetic marine natural product analogue, halavenĀ® (eribulin mesylate) / Charles E. Chase, Hyeong-wook Choi, Atsushi Endo, Francis G. Fang and John D. Orr -- Marine natural products in pharma : how industry missed the boat / Guy Carter and Valerie Bernan -- In vitro model for defining neurotoxicity of anticancer agents / Balanehru Subramanian, Halina Pietraszkiewicz, Joseph E. Media and Frederick A. Valeriote -- Comments on the past and future of marine natural products drug discovery / Bill Fenica.
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