Effective succession planning : ensuring leadership continuity and building talent from within /
William J. Rothwell.
Fifth edition.
New York : American Management Association, [2016]
xxxviii, 474 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
0814449158 (hardcover), 0814449166 (ebook), 9780814449158 (hardcover), 9780814449165 (ebook)
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New York : American Management Association, [2016]
0814449158 (hardcover)
0814449166 (ebook)
9780814449158 (hardcover)
9780814449165 (ebook)
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What Is Succession Planning and Management? -- Trends Influencing Succession Planning and Management -- Moving to a State-of-the-Art Approach -- Competency Identification and Values Clarification, and Ethics: Keys to Succession Planning and Management -- Making the Case for Major Change -- Starting a Systematic Program -- Refining a Progam -- Assessing Present Work Requirements and Individual Job Performance -- Developing Internal Successors -- Assessing Alternatives to Internal Development - Integratig Recruitment with Succession Planning -- Integrating Retention with Succession Planning -- Using Technology to Support Succession Planning and Management Programs -- Evaluating Succession Planning and Management Programs -- The Future of Succession Planning and Management -- Appendix I: Selected Websites -- Appendix II: A Guide for Replacement Planning -- Appendix III: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Succession Planning and Management.
"Is your organization truly prepared for the loss of your most crucial players? Are there certain technical or specialized positions at your company with only one person who knows how to do them? What would happen if your most valuable executive walked into your office right now, and announced she was leaving to accept a similar position elsewhere? Do you know how to cope with the loss of certain key members of the management team you've come to rely on? In short: do you have a rock-solid succession plan in place? The definitive guide to a timely and timeless topic - now fully revised and updated - the fifth edition of Effective Succession Planning is an indispensable resource for any organization concerned with retaining the accumulated wisdom of its most valued employees. Covering best practices, current trends, and the latest technology, this long-trusted manual provides you with the tools and guidance you need to revamp your succession strategy, create and put in place a new one, and arm yourself against the trauma of personnel shakeups - all without missing a beat. You'll learn how to plan for and quickly fill crucial vacancies at all levels form top management to sales, administrative, technical, and production positions; develop and retain top talent, building and preserving your organization’s intellectual capital; identify competencies, values and ethical requirements for both planning and managing a succession program; assess current needs and future resources for seamless succession planning; use the latest technology to organize and implement succession planning and management programs; go beyond succession planning to address talent management and related issues. Fully updated to address challenges brought on by globalization, recession, technology, and more, the fifth edition features new and revised material on topics including: succession planning for small businesses and nonprofits; replacement planning; transition management; downsizing; international issues; mergers and acquisitions as a talent strategy; and succession planning for technical positions as well as roles built on longstanding social relationships. Every company's heart and soul - not to mention its bottom line - is dependent on the collective wisdom of its people. If your organization doesn't take steps to address future talent needs at all levels, you're sure to face disruptions, even disasters, when key employees leave. Packed with forms, tools, examples, and guidance, this is an essential handbook for any organization that wants to keep moving forward, when employees move on, without missing a beat."--Book jacket.
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