Gulf Stream chronicles : a naturalist explores life in an ocean river /
David S. Lee ; with a foreword by J. Christopher Haney, and line drawings by Leo Schleicher.
Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2015]
xviii, 282 p. ; 25 cm
1469623935, 9781469623931, 9781469623948
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Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2015]
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Introduction: the Gulf's blue waters -- Life in a sea of tropical blue -- A community of castaways -- Physalia: iridescent bubbles with a zap -- Fish that fly -- Fish that sunbathe -- Mary's tuna -- Marine birds and the creatures who watch them -- Feathered nomads of the open sea -- Sea devils: an epic tail of amazing survivors -- The loon craze -- Chickens, sailor gulls, witches, and devils -- Getting to know a gallery of gulls -- Land and sea: unexpected connections -- Donkey's eyes, sea purses, and ferry eggs -- Up from the sea -- Slithery, slimy, and elegant eels -- Cold war, warm waters -- Migrant clouds and radar dots -- Beneath all the blue -- Pods of potheads -- A hide of leather and a warm heart -- Fathoming the dark waters -- Batteries not included: uncanny lights in the deep -- Life on the bottom: weird, ancient, and abundant.
"Off the shore of Hatteras Island, where the inner edge of the Gulf Stream flows northward over the outer continental shelf, the marine life is unlike that of any other area in the Atlantic. Here the powerful ocean river helps foster an extraordinarily rich diversity of life, including sargassum mats concealing strange creatures and exotic seabeans, whales and sea turtles, sunfish and flying fish, and shearwaters and Bermuda petrels. During his long career as a research scientist, David S. Lee made more than 300 visits to this area off the North Carolina coast, documenting its extraordinary biodiversity. In this collection of twenty linked essays, Lee draws on his personal observations and knowledge of the North Atlantic marine environment to introduce us to the natural wonders of an offshore treasure."--
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