Adolf Hitler and the Nazi epoch : an annotated bibliography of English-language works on the origins, nature, and structure of the Nazi state /
Paul Madden.
Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press ; Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, 1998.
xiii, 740 p. ; 23 cm.
0810835584 (alk. paper)
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Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press ; Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, 1998.
0810835584 (alk. paper)
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Appeared in Choice on 1999-06:
In 1934 the Austrian critic Karl Kraus quipped, "About Hitler, nothing comes to my mind." Kraus's premature summation highlights a problem with bibliographies of Hitler: they go out of date as soon as published. Although Madden includes John Lukacs's excellent The Hitler of History (1997), he probably went to press too soon to catch Ian Kershaw's Hitler, 1889-1936, Fritz Redlich's Hitler, and Ron Rosenbaum's Explaining Hitler--all important, all published in 1998. Despite these omissions, Madden's bibliography is of enormous value, useful to any student of Nazi Germany, at any level. From the early analyses of Konrad Heiden (1936) and Sebastian Haffner (1941) to Lukacs's study, Madden cites with annotations a staggering collection of English-language books and articles concerning Nazi Germany through 1939. A second volume to cover WW II is planned. Madden's logical classification and author index make his work easy to use. Something is always missing: Richard Breitman's Architect of Genocide (1991), a solid account of Heinrich Himmler, is unaccountably not listed. A reference source for any library supporting studies in 20th-century German history. C. P. Vincent; Keene State College
Review Quotes
...of enourmous value, useful to any student of Nazi Germany, at any level...logical classification and author index make his work easy to use.
Professor Madden is to be congratulated on his...painstaking research, and not least for his refreshing annotations.
This bibliography consists of admirably annotated entries, of short paragraph length. Comprehensive with nicely formatted sections addressing issues dealing with religion.
This outstanding resource will prove a boon to student, scholar, and interested layperson alike...Comprehensive indeed!
...[Madden] has clearly put in a tremendous amount of work on this project...this volume will be a great help to graduate students starting their research on the nazi era.
Comprehensive, with nicely formatted sections addressing issues dealing with religion, economics, education, government and laws, women and the family, German society, the arts, propaganda, resistance, foreign policy, to name a few.
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Long Description
Although bibliographies do exist that concern themselves with the Nazi period in Germany and the Third Reich, no one has yet attempted a complete reference source. With the publication of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Epoch there is finally, a complete, comprehensive reference source designed to identify all English-language works that relate to the Nazis and the Third Reich. Included in this bibliography are monographs, biographies, pamphlets, and journal articles, as well as more general histories of the time period. The material is subdivided by subject and organized into eighteen chapters, making this large bibliography simple to use. The chapter subjects contain a broad range of data. Included are chapters on Adolf Hitler himself, the origins of national socialism, religion and the Nazis, articles about education and academics in Germany, law and government under the Third Reich, the SS and concentration camps, everyday life in Nazi Germany, foreign policy and more. The range of data collected in this one reference location is astounding, and should provide a nearly inexhaustible starting point for those scholars and students interested in the history of one of the most controversial political parties and governments of the twentieth century.
Main Description
A comprehensive reference source designed to identify all English-language works that relate to the Nazis and the Third Reich. Included in this bibliography are monographs, biographies, pamphlets, and journal articles, as well as more general histories of the time period.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
Introductionp. 1
The Genesis and Nature of Nazism
The Origins of German National Socialismp. 8
Interpretations of National Socialismp. 32
Nazism as the German Form of Fascismp. 32
Nazism as Totalitarianismp. 46
Nazism as a Product of Modernizationp. 51
Psychological Studies of Nazismp. 52
Nazism as a Generational Revoltp. 56
Other Interpretationsp. 57
Adolf Hitler
Biographiesp. 65
Collective Biographies Including Hitlerp. 74
Monographs and Essays on Aspects of Hitler's Lifep. 77
Personal Narratives Concerning Hitlerp. 102
Hitler's Writings, Speeches, and Interviewsp. 107
Hitler's Last Daysp. 116
Miscellaneousp. 120
The Struggle for Power, 1919-1934
Comprehensive Worksp. 134
The Putschist Party, 1919-1925p. 136
The Legal Party, 1925-1934p. 138
The Nazi Constituency--Votersp. 141
The Nazi Constituency--Members, Leaders, and SAp. 153
Local and Regional Studies of Nazismp. 163
The Seizure of Power and the Coordination of German Societyp. 171
The Reichstag Firep. 178
The Rohm Purgep. 181
Miscellaneousp. 182
Religion in the Third Reich
Comprehensive Worksp. 201
Catholicismp. 203
The Major Protestant Denominationsp. 211
The German Faith and German Christian Movementsp. 223
Other Protestant Denominationsp. 224
Miscellaneousp. 226
The Economic Policies of the Nazi State
Comprehensive Worksp. 235
Labor Policiesp. 238
Rearmamentp. 244
Agriculturep. 246
Big Businessp. 250
Small Businessp. 256
Foreign Tradep. 257
Foreign and Forced Workersp. 262
Finance and Bankingp. 263
Miscellaneousp. 267
Education and the Learned Professions in the Third Reich
Primary, Secondary, and Technical Educationp. 283
Higher Educationp. 287
The Learned Professions
The Legal Professionp. 291
The Medical Professionp. 293
The Academic Professionsp. 300
Librariesp. 318
Government, Law, the SS, SD, and Gestapo, and the Concentration Camps to 1940 in Nazi Germany
Local and Regional Governmentp. 319
National Governmentp. 320
The Legal Systemp. 328
The SSp. 334
The Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapop. 342
The Concentration Camps Before 1940p. 346
Miscellaneousp. 350
Women, Youth, the Family, Sexual Policies, and Welfare in the Third Reich
Women and the Familyp. 354
Sexuality and Sexual Politicsp. 363
Welfarep. 370
The Hitler Youthp. 371
Other Youthp. 375
Miscellaneousp. 377
German Society in the Third Reich
Everyday Lifep. 379
Sports and Leisurep. 389
Public Opinionp. 391
Racial Policies to 1939p. 393
The Occultp. 407
Miscellaneousp. 413
The Arts in Nazi Germany
Comprehensive Worksp. 418
Musicp. 418
Painting and Sculpturep. 422
Architecturep. 424
Theaterp. 428
Literaturep. 430
Cinemap. 436
Miscellaneousp. 442
Nazi and Anti-Nazi Propaganda
Nazi Propaganda in Germanyp. 446
Nazi Propaganda Abroadp. 453
English-Language Pro-Nazi Propagandap. 454
English-Language Anti-Nazi and Anti-German Propagandap. 457
Miscellaneousp. 476
The German Resistance to Nazism
The Resistance Movements in Germanyp. 479
Attempts to Assassinate Hitlerp. 500
Refugees from Nazi Germanyp. 508
German Foreign Policy, 1933-1939 (1941)
Comprehensive Worksp. 516
Monographs and Essays on Aspects of German Foreign Policyp. 518
Official and Unofficial Relations Between the Government of the Third Reich and Ethnic Germans Outside Germanyp. 557
Nazi Espionage and Counter-Espionage Before World War IIp. 567
Miscellaneousp. 569
Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoirs, Diaries, and Speeches of Individuals Prominent During the Nazi Era
Collective Biographiesp. 587
Biographiesp. 590
Autobiographies and Memoirsp. 606
Diaries, Writings, Speeches, and Interviewsp. 611
Miscellaneousp. 616
Doctoral Dissertations and Theses Relating to the Nazi Erap. 623
Comprehensive Studies, Illustrated Histories, Reference Works, Collections of Essays, and Documents, and Document Collections
Comprehensive Studiesp. 652
Photographic and Illustrated Historiesp. 665
Reference Worksp. 667
Collections of Essays Relating to Aspects of the Nazi Epochp. 675
Documents. Document Collections, and Guidesp. 683
Miscellaneousp. 693
Indexp. 707
About the Authorp. 741
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