Global perspectives and local challenges surrounding international student mobility /
Krishna Bista, Charlotte Foster, [editors].
Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, [2016]
xxxi, 354 p. ; 29 cm.
1466697466, 9781466697461 (hardcover), 9781466697478
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Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, [2016]
9781466697461 (hardcover)
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International Student Mobility at California Community Colleges / Rosalind Latiner Raby, Deborah Budd, Andreea Serban, Dianne Van Hook -- International Student Mobility Trends Between Developed and Developing Countries / Xuezhi Liu, Chun Li -- Outbound Mobility and Students' Decision Making Process : A Case of India / Rashim Wadhwa -- A Mapping Sentence Mereology for Understanding the Mobility of International Students / Erin M. Koval, Paul M.W. Hackett, Jessica B. Schwarzenbach -- Institutional Asymmetry Regarding Inbound and Outbound Student Migration : Assumptions, Implications, and Policy / David Starr-Glass -- Moving Against the Current : Student Migration to Zimbabwe / Admire Thonje -- Three Approaches to Competing for Global Talent : Role of Higher Education / Yulia Shumilova, Yuzhuo Cai -- Drifting Houses, Shifting Anchors: A Case of Transnational Higher Education in Korea / Hyunyoung Cho, David W. Haines, Karen E. Rosenblum -- International Students in Chinese Higher Education : Choices, Expectations, and Experiences / Claire Hu, Christine Min Wotipka, Wen Wen -- Choosing the Right Pathway : A Matrix of Influences Related to Selection of Higher Education Destination Abroad / Donna M. Velliaris -- Pre-Departure Cultural Preparation for International Students : Addressing Adjustment Needs Before Study Abroad / Tara Madden-Dent, Rita M. Laden -- A Review of Literature on Adjustment Issues of International Students : Recommendations for Future Practices and Research / Eunjin Hwang, Nara M. Martirosyan, George W. Moore -- Epistemic Dissonance Encountered : Academic Adaptation Experiences of Chinese Students in a Canadian University / Xihui Wang, Alenoush Saroyan, Mark Aulls -- Help Seeking Behaviors of International Students : Stigma, Acculturation, and Attitudes Towards Counseling / Susan Boafo-Arthur, Ama Boafo-Arthur -- Not Quite Fitting In : Asian International Students in Singapore / Catherine Gomes -- Learning the Rules of the Game: Issues Affecting Academic Acculturation of Asian International Students in New Zealand Universities / Mingsheng Li -- Making Meaning of Race and Racialization in the Lives of Five International Graduate Students / Ashlee Lewis -- Negotiating the Boundaries of American Blackness : The Experiences of African Students in the United States / Angellar Manguvo -- Exploring the Experiences of International Students' Partners : Implications for the Post-Secondary Context / Jon Woodend, Sarah Nutter, Danni Lei, Sharon Cairns -- Addressing the Needs of Student Spouses (W2) in the United States : A Comparison of Two Educational Institutions / Samit Dipon Bordoloi -- Globalization of Racism : Chinese, Japanese, and Korean International Students' Racial Stereotypes and Experiences with Cross-Racial Interactions / Zachary S. Ritter -- When in Rome : Socializing International Teaching Assistants into the US Higher Education Norms / Gwendolyn M. Williams, Rod E. Case -- Translating Success : Academic Transition of International Students in the US / Ghanashyam Sharma -- Understanding Cultural Difference : Examination of Self-Authorship Among International Students / Xingbei Ye, Raul Leon, David Anderson -- Intercultural Dialogue Framework for Transnational Teaching and Learning / Ting Wang -- International Students Classroom Exclusion in U.S. Higher Education / Gabriela Valdez -- The Influence of Social Media on International Students' Global Life Satisfaction and Academic Performance / Neete Saha, Aryn C. Karpinski -- Guest Students : Faculty Expectations of Japanese International Students / Yukari Takimoto Amos -- Understanding Language Experiences of International ESL Students in U.S. Classrooms / Juanjuan Zhao, Dana Funywe Ng -- Academic Experiences of International Graduate Students : Canadian Perspective in the Context of Internationalization / Anita Gopal -- Learning and Academic Self-Concept: Comparing International and American Students / Ji Zhou, Darnell Cole -- Asian International Graduate Students' Academic and Social Experiences in American Higher Education / Takahiro Sato, Samuel R. Hodge -- Impact of International Students on Interactive Skills and College Outcomes of Domestic Students in U.S. Colleges / Jiali Luo -- Academic Motivation and Experiences of International Students of Color in STEM / Chrystal A. George Mwangi, Alicia M. Peralta, Sharon Fries-Britt, Nina Daoud -- Internationalizing Higher Education : English Language Policy and Practice / Maureen Snow Andrade, Norman W. Evans, K. James Hartshorn -- Internationalization of Curriculum for Italian and International Postgraduate Students / Ourania Katsara -- High-Impact Educational Practices to Promote International Students┬┐ Engagement and Development : Evidence from Large, Public Research Universities / Krista M. Soria, Shane M. Lueck -- International Students' Eating Habits and Food Practices in Colleges and Universities / Amir A. Hadi Alakaam -- Preparing International Students for a Competitive Job Market : Challenges and Opportunities / Julie Miller, Becca Berkey, Francis Griffin -- Intercultural Programming Without Intercultural Competence : What Does It Look Like in Practice? / Emily Spitzman -- Aren't We All International Students' Supporting Diverse Populations at University Branch-Campuses / Grace Karram Stephenson, Danielle N. Gabay -- Using Data Wisely to Improve International Student Satisfaction : Insights Gained from International Student Barometer / Xi Yu, Elizabeth Isensee, Barbara Kappler -- Academic Achievement and Demographics of International Undergraduates / Dulce Amor L. Dorado, Barry Fass-Holmes -- Overview of the U.S. Criminal Justice System and Safety Tips for International Students / Thomas C. Johnson -- Lawsuits Related to International Students in the United States / Krishna Bista, Amy Dagley.
"This book explores comparative research regarding the implementation of effective strategies needed when working with native and non-natives individuals in educational settings"--
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